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The leading multilingual recruitment agency

Bespoke Recruitment is a leading multilingual recruitment agency provider of international multilingual job opportunities in the BPO, contact centre, sales, IT and many other sectors.

We love candidates who speak any European language, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay Thai or Vietnamese and have a fluent level of English. We offer you the opportunity to find jobs in Europe taking benefit from one of your strongest skills: your native language.

We are both a client and candidate driven company – small enough to care and be good at what we do and large enough to handle tasks with the dedication and professionalism on which our reputation is built.

Our values underpin everything we do

We pride ourselves on being loyal, responsive, confidential and above all trustworthy to both our clients and candidates.

What makes Bespoke Recruitment different is our personal approach. We make sure that our business is built on strong personal relationships where clients and candidates are at the forefront of our business.

All of our consultants work hard to understand clients and candidates needs and requirements: it’s our interest and job to find the best fits for our clients and the best positions for our candidates.

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CEO / Recruitment Manager

Kate Novotna


Barry Toal

Talent Acquisition Manager

Lelde Pujate

Lelde Pujate is a multilingual Recruitment Specialist and Talent Acquisition Manager.

Lelde holds Master’s degree in Business, Bachelor’s in Business & Law, and a Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management Operations & Legal Studies.

She has broad experience across a range of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, real estate, luxury, hospitality, sales, finance, supply chain & logistics.

If you’re looking for an exciting role in Ireland or Europe and would like to join well-known multinational organisations or reputable SMEs, feel free to reach out to Lelde and she will do her best to find the right opportunity for you. She will also fully prepare you for an interview to increase your chances of securing the position.

Recruitment Consultant

Diana Badila

Hi, I am Diana!

I am a multilingual recruitment consultant, with thrives in discovering new talents and presenting them with the best options for their future. When I joined this amazing team, back at the end of 2021, I never imagined that I will be surrounded by strong professionals and trustful colleagues. I am truly grateful for developing my skills in recruitment, in order to help our candidates to find their dream job, where they can prove and exceed expectations, and also match them to our client’s needs. It is a both-way run, and if you have the right attitude and vibe, YOU can do everything!

I am taking care of the French, Czech, and Slovak language markets and with a deep understanding of their culture and expectations, I am here to assist and motivate them for future development and the right choices.

I am always available for my candidates and if you are interested in our job vacancies, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I am looking forward to meeting YOU! 

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Martyna Antonik

My name is Martyna Antonik and I’m originally from Poland. Working at Bespoke Recruitment for almost 5 years as a Senior Recruitment Specialist taking care of the German, Japanese and Polish markets. Specializing in matching candidates with the perfect job opportunities across the EU and providing our clients with qualified and experienced employees.

I love to see the smile on candidate face when he gets his dream job as well as satisfied client after making the offer. Receiving positive feedback and making someone’s life better gives me a lot of joy as a Recruiter?

What you must know about me- is that when I do something, I give 100% of myself and I always look for a bright site (even if the situation if difficult) as I’m very positive person and I never give up.

Personally, love to cook, bake, read and spend time with my family and friends (maybe not something super excited- but I appreciate every moment of my life).

So, if you are looking for a new role or just need some advice about your next career step- feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, LinkedIn… I’m always happy to help

Talk to you soon

Junior Recruitment Consultant

Andreea Enea

Hi! I am Andreea and I was born and raised in Romania. I graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social-Political Sciences, majoring in Human Resources. I’m passionate about traveling and discovering new places and cultures, and Bespoke Recruitment has proven to be my bridge to people from destinations and cultures I’ve only dreamed of reaching.

I am a Junior Recruitment Consultant with a great desire to learn and improve. I aim to build strong, long-term, beneficial relationships with my candidates. 

I love to discover people’s talents and passions, to help them grow and achieve their goals in terms of professional life. Currently, I am recruiting talent for the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Turkish market. 

If you’re looking for a job and need guidance on the next steps in your career, I’m here, dedicated to helping you achieve your ideals. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, email, or phone. I can’t wait to meet you! 😊

Junior Recruitment Consultant

Loredana Buzan

Hi, I’m Loredana, a Multilingual Recruitment Consultant at Bespoke Recruitment since 2022.  With a background degree in International Business and fluency in more than 3 languages, I developed a strong interest in Recruitment, I am very lucky to be a part of the team in the best Recruitment Agency in Ireland!!

 As a recruiter, I’m ensuring that candidates along with their career goals and expectations and the client needs are satisfied. Working with Large Global clients we have diverse opportunities for all language markets across the globe. 

Currently, I am responsible for the Italian, Dutch, Arabic, and sometimes English markets with a large variety of industries and opportunities with great salaries and growth progression.

If you would like to know more about the roles, we currently have open, feel free to reach out to me via email, office phone, or LinkedIn account and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have!

Junior Recruitment Consultant

Sonja Mik

My Name is Sonja Mik and I am a Junior Recruitment Consultant at Bespoke Recruitment. 

I started a new adventure of professional development in recruitment after receiving my Master’s Degree in Primary School Education in Croatia.

I’ve chosen to work in Recruitment because I enjoy supporting individuals in achieving their full potential and landing the employment of their dreams. Also, the novelty of every new day is something that motivates me and fuels a drive to help candidates prepare for their new job positions.  

I consider myself an approachable and positive individual who is always willing to help. 

If you are in the search for a new job opportunity, please reach out via email or phone and I will be happy to assist you and guide you through a new and exciting chapter of your professional journey. 

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